Campus Master Plan of Girne American University

Design Team

Hossein Sadri
Senem Zeybekoglu Sadri
Kenan Guvenc
Toya Akpinar
Pembe Birinci
Souhaib Suid


n 2015, we presented GAU 2025: Campus Master Plan of Girne American University to the chancellor's office. We started with the survey of the existing campus. We also developed research on the ways of improving the informal learning potentials by campus design and tried to find out how we can make the campus more resilient and self-sufficient, and nature friendly. Based on the results of our analysis and research, we aimed to create more open, 24 Hours Living, Green, Nature Friendly and Edible, Accessible, Healthy, Connected to the City and its Environment, Self-Sustained, and Pedestrian and Bicycle Friendly campus which acts as a learning environment. 

To create the project we proposed two students housing complex in the two ends (the East and the West ends) of the campus, a main central plaza, and a connecting green and edible pedestrian only and nature friendly path which connects the two student housing complexes and the plaza together.